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Diagnosis | Treatment | Consultation | Medication

AirAsia Travel protection policyholders can now travel worry-free with complimentary benefits from DoctorOnCall.

DoctorOnCall is Malaysia’s first and largest online doctor consultation platform that provides diagnosis, treatments and prescription. These registered doctors answer all your medical concerns online via live chat, phone and video call when you depart from Malaysia to any travel destination.

For further convenience, prescribed medication can be delivered to you (delivery applicable in Malaysia only) or purchased at a nearby pharmacy for later reimbursement.

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HOW DoctorOnCall WORKS

Connecting to our doctors in 3 simple steps and getting the advice you need is easy.


Registration Process


Key in your Flight Booking Number and policy number.

Writing sympatoms


Chat with our doctors on how you’re feeling and receive a diagnosis.
Consultation hours is from 8am to 12am
(Malaysia Time GMT+8)

Speak to a doctor online


Your diagnosis and prescription will be sent to your email.



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frequently asked questions

1. What are the benefits of DoctorOnCall?

As a AirAsia Travel protection policyholder (Comprehensive and Annual plans), you can now avail DoctorOnCall’s online consultation services through live chat, phone and video call if you have any medical concerns when you travel domestically or internationally.

2. What is the campaign period?

This campaign will run from 1st December 2018 until further notice.

3. Who is DoctorOnCall?

DoctorOnCall is Malaysia’s first on-demand online clinic, connecting patients with doctors for medical consults via webchat, video and phone call, along with providing medication delivery services (where applicable).

4. What are the services that I can get from these doctors?

The qualified doctors you contact through DoctorOnCall offer online consultations by addressing your symptoms and concerns via live chat, phone and video call platforms. They will then provide a diagnosis, recommend the right treatment, and if necessary, issue an electronic prescription.

For domestic (within Malaysia) travellers, DoctorOnCall will also provide medication delivery services for you at your own cost.

5. What are the consultation hours for DoctorOnCall services?

The consultation hours for DoctorOnCall Services is from 8am to 12am (Malaysia Time: GMT+8).

6. Who is eligible for this benefit?

All AirAsia Travel protection policyholders (Comprehensive and Annual Plans) who are departing from Malaysia during the campaign period.

7. How much do I have to pay for their service?

The online doctor consultation service is a complimentary benefit and a value add to AirAsia Travel protection policyholders. No additional payment is required unless you opt for the medication delivery services (within Malaysia).

8. Can I claim for my medication costs under my travel protection policy?

It depends on the type of plan that you purchase. Please refer to the full list of benefits.

9. Where can I get more information?

For more information, please visit benefits.



Terms and Conditions

  1. DoctorOnCall Service is available for all AirAsia Travel protection’s policyholders (Comprehensive and Annual Plan) who depart from Malaysia for domestic and international travel.
  2. The campaign period is from 1st December 2018 until further notice.
  3. Medication delivery service is only applicable for domestic travellers (within Malaysia). Additional cost may incur.