Great news! For travellers flying into Thailand , we got just the right travel protect for you.

Underwritten and sold by Tune Protect Thailand, (Tune Insurance Public Company Limited) This Travel Pass is a comprehensive travel insurance plan designed exclusively for travellers flying into Thailand with AirAsia.

The COVID Travel Pass is currently ONLY available as an add-on when you purchase your flight on airasia.com.


  • Covers

  • Digital Insurance Certificate & Policy Provided

  • Satisfies Thailand’s Immigration Requirements

  • Offers up to USD $50,000 coverage for medical expenses

  • Open to travellers from age at least one year old and above


Benefits Limit of Benefits
Loss of Life, Dismemberment, Loss of Sight or Total Permanent Disability arising from General accident. THB 1.5 mil
Medical Expenses from injury or sickness THB 350,000
In-patient room and board limits do not exceed Baht per day. This does not apply to ICU THB 2,000
Emergency Medical Evacuation and Repatriation to Country of Residence Domicile THB 3 mil
Flight Delay THB 10.5K
(THB 1.5K per 6 hours)
Expenses to visit patients at the hospital THB 100K
Trip Cancellation Up to THB 50K
(Ticket + VAT + Fuel)
Trip Curtailment Up to THB 50K
(Ticket + VAT + Fuel)
Missed Flight Connection Up to THB 6K
(THB 3K per 6 hours)
Baggage Delay Up to THB 8K
(THB 2K per 6 hours)
Baggage and Personal Effects Up to THB 50K
(Any one item THB 5K)
Loss or Damage to Travel Documents THB 10K
Loss of Credit Card THB 10K
Loss of Personal Money THB 10K
Personal Legal Liability THB 1 mil
24 hours Worldwide Travel Assistance Services Included

Premium Table

Return 1-10 days THB1,479
Return 11-30 days THB1,726
Return 31-60 days THB2,564



As travel requirements continue to change from time to time, there are times when the information stated below might not be up-to-date and may be obsolete at the time you are viewing it.

Before you make your travel plans, make sure to follow the guidelines and procedures imposed by the Government of Thailand.

Entry requirements
  • Ensure that you hold a valid Thailand Pass.
  • Have a COVID-19 RT-PCR test result issued within three (3) days before departing to Thailand.
  • Have an insurance policy that covers healthcare & treatment expenses for COVID-19, with a minimum coverage amount of USD $10,000.
  • Check on your quarantine requirement as travellers will be allowed to enter Thailand with or without quarantine based on their vaccination status and their country of departure.


Reach us if you need our help to support you with further details and clarifications

Frequently Asked Questions

After Sale
General Information
1. What is Travel Pass Insurance?

Travel Pass Insurance is a product by Tune Insurance Public Company Limited that has been designed to meet the requirements for foreigners travelling to Thailand who wish to apply for Certificate of Entry (COE). Travel Pass Insurance covers insured person for their entire period of stay in Thailand and offers a variety of packages.

2. Does Travel Pass cover medical expenses for COVID-19?

Yes, it covers medical expenses for COVID-19 up to USD 50,000.

3. Who is eligible to purchase Travel Pass?

All AirAsia passengers are eligible to purchase Travel Pass EXCEPT the following:

  1. Thai passport holders
  2. Persons entering Thailand for medical reasons
If you are flying on a different airline, you can purchase Tune iPass.

4. Does Travel Pass enforce an age limit?

Yes. Guests must be at least 14 days old and above to qualify for Travel Pass.

5. When does Travel Pass coverage begin?

Travel Pass commences when you check-in for your AirAsia Departure Flight.

6. For what period of coverage should I purchase Travel Pass?

You should purchase the period of coverage that includes the entire period of your visa or stay in Thailand.

After Sale
General Information