Environmentally Protective

  • Climate Action & Environmental Protection Initiatives

We are committed to resource conservation and climate change whilst appropriately incorporating recommendations by the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) especially in our resource management strategies.

In 2018, we launched Tune Protect’s Climate Action initiative to “Create Awareness and Enable Social Change“. We initiated our weekly Earth Hour Friday where all non-essential lights and plug points are switched off from 12pm to 1pm. The introduction of programme timers for hot drinking water dispensers, LED bulbs, lighting floor plans & signages, including reduction in printing that has led us to a downward trend in total electricity consumption.

In addition, we lead our Wisma Tune building tenants and affiliates with “GoGreen” initiatives that involve the participation of tenants in the nine floors of the building. Among the “GoGreen” initiatives include several recycling campaigns, a Pre-Loved Charity Bazaar and energy conservation competitions.

Group Energy Performance

(as at 2020)

129,197 kWh

in electricity was saved since 2016

89.6 tonnes

of CO2 was reduced since 2016
Year Electricity Consumption (kWh) Carbon Emission (Tonnes)
2016 700.6 486.2
2017 695.7 482.8
2018 658.7 457.1
2019 620.1 430.4
2020 571.4 396.6

Note: The scope covers our operations in Malaysia, comprising Tune Protect Group, Tune Protect Malaysia (including branches), Tune Protect Re and White Label.

We are committed to operating our business in an environmentally friendly manner, in support of climate change. We play our part in reducing our impact on the environment by automating processes and carefully monitoring and managing the resources we consume, as we progress in our digitisation journey.

In 2018, we launched Tune Protect’s Climate Action initiative to “Create Awareness and Enable Social Change”. Since then, we have held variety of initiatives which include:

  • our recycling efforts with recycling bins stationed on all floors of the Company;
  • collection of fluorescent bulbs and lamps, used batteries, old mobile phones and power banks which we send to licensed collection centres;
  • we encourage the use of reusable containers, cups and utensils for our office events and functions.

We encourage our customers to submit their claims for selected policies entirely online. While we continue to distribute our products in both physical and digital formats, we provide insurance premium rebates for customers who purchased our products via online platforms. Aligned with our digitisation strategy, we will continuously explore and incorporate innovative solutions into our processes to further reduce paper consumption.

Year Paper Products
Plastic Bottles
Aluminum Cans and Metal Tins
E-waste/ Fluorescent Bulb*
2018 1,961 7 22.50 N/A
2019 616 5 4 63 fluorescent bulbs/tubes
2020 7,803 8 6 139 fluorescent bulbs/ tubes, and 106 pieces of e-waste

*In 2019, we extended our efforts to collecting 63 fluorescent bulbs that were delivered to a licensed recycling collection center for proper disposal.

Nature Awareness Trip to FRIM
2018 Climate Action & Environmental Protection Initiative Launch