Great news! For travellers flying into MALAYSIA, we got just the right travel protection for you.

Underwritten and sold by Tune Protect Malaysia (Tune Insurance Malaysia Berhad), COVID Travel Pass is a comprehensive travel insurance plan designed exclusively for travellers flying into Malaysia with AirAsia.

The COVID Travel Pass is currently ONLY available as an add-on when you purchase your flight on airasia.com.


  • Covers Hospitalization Benefits related to COVID-19

  • Digital Insurance Certificate & Policy Provided

  • Offers up to RM 350,000 coverage for medical expenses due to COVID-19

  • Open to travellers from 30 days old and above


Benefits Limit of Benefits
Personal Accident Up to RM100,000
(Aged 30 days to 70 years old)

Up to RM50,000
(Above 70 years old)
Trip Cancellation Up to RM5,000
Trip Curtailment
Up to RM2,000
(flight + hotel cost)
Flight Delay on Arrival Up to RM1,000
(RM200 per 6 consecutive hours of delay)
Loss or Damage to Checked-In Baggage Up to RM1,200
(RM200 for each damaged Checked-In Baggage and/or RM400 for each one lost Checked-In Baggage)
Baggage Delay on Arrival Up to RM400
(RM200 per 6 consecutive hours of delay)
Inpatient Medical Expenses due to Accident and/or Sickness Up to RM350,000
Medical Expenses due to Accident &/or Sickness is limited to RM100,000
(Aged 30 days to 70 years old)
(Above 70 years old)

(Hospital cashless admission service available)
Inpatient Medical Expenses due to COVID-19*
COVID-19 Diagnosis Quarantine Allowance Up to RM2,100
(RM150 per day)
Loss of Travel Documents, OR Loss of Personal Money, OR Loss of Personal Effects due to snatch theft Up to RM1,000
Emergency Medical Evacuation (Due to Accident) Up to RM100,000
Emergency Medical Repatriation (Due to Accident) Up to RM100,000
Mortal Remains Repatriation (Due to Accident) Up to RM100,000
24 hours Travel Assistance Services Included

*Only applicable for travellers who:
  1. Test positive during their trip in Malaysia; and
  2. Require hospitalization for COVID-19 Stage 3 to Stage 5 treatment.

Premium Table

ONE WAY RM187.00
RETURN / 1-10 DAYS RM187.00
RETURN / 11-30 DAYS RM352.00
RETURN / 31-90 DAYS RM616.00

Member of PIDM

The benefit(s) payable under eligible certificate/policy/product is(are) protected by PIDM up to limits. Please refer to PIDM’s TIPS Brochure or contact Tune Protect or PIDM.


Reach us if you need our help to support you with further details and clarifications

Frequently Asked Questions

After Sales
General Information
1. What is COVID Travel Pass?

COVID Travel Pass is an inbound travel insurance policy designed to provide coverage for foreign travellers travelling to Malaysia.

2. Does COVID Travel Pass cover medical expenses for COVID-19?

Yes, it covers medical expenses for COVID-19 up to MYR 350,000.

3. I am a Malaysian. Can I buy COVID Travel Pass?

No, COVID Travel Pass is only for foreign nationals who intend to travel from other countries into Malaysia.

4. Does COVID Travel Pass enforce an age limit?

Yes. Guests must be at least 30 days old and above to qualify for AirAsia COVID Travel Pass.

5. What should I put as the effective date of the policy?

Your date of arrival in Malaysia is recommended as the effective date.

6. For what period of coverage should I purchase COVID Travel Pass?

Your period of coverage should follow the duration that you are planning to be in Malaysia. COVID Travel Pass offers coverage for up to a maximum of 90 days.

7. Does COVID Travel Pass cover Medical Expenses for COVID-19 only?

Besides medical expenses for COVID-19, COVID Travel Pass also offers coverage for personal accidents, travel inconveniences, medical expenses, ground inconveniences, emergency medical evacuation and repatriation due to accident, as well as 24-hour travel assistance services.

8. Does the COVID Travel Pass policy cover for cost of COVID-19 tests?

No, COVID Travel Pass does not cover the cost of your COVID-19 tests.

9. I need to stay in Malaysia for more than 90 days. Can I purchase another policy after the maximum 90 days cover period?

No. We can't cover more than 90 days cover period.

After Sale
General Information