Snatch thefts can happen anytime, even in broad daylight! Don’t let a simple task such as walking down the road scare you. Guard Easy was designed to ensure you’ll be taken care of in those unexpected situations.


Coverage is annually renewable.

(Subject to terms and conditions + Service Tax at the prevailing rate, effective 1 September 2018)

Coverage Basic Plan (RM) Premier Plan (RM)
Loss of Cash & Personal Valuables due to Snatch Theft or Robbery 1,000.00 1,500.00
Yearly Premium before Service Tax 19.99 25.99
6% Service Tax 1.20 1.56
Yearly Premium with 6% Service Tax 21.19 27.54

How to Claim


Download and fill up the claim form here.


Submit the claim form along with the supporting documents to [email protected].​


Your claim will be reviewed accordingly and if approved, payment will be made within 3 working days from the approval date.​





Frequently Asked Questions

More questions? Read on!
Tune Protect Guard Easy is an insurance product designed to protect the Insured Person from loss of cash and personal valuables resulting from snatch theft and robbery.
You may use your credit card or even your debit card to make the payment.
Yes, you can. For security reasons and to enable a smooth payment process, please make sure you obtain acknowledgement and approval from the other person to use his/her credit card or debit card, before making the payment.
All Malaysians or Residents who have a permanent address in Malaysia and who are above the age of 18 years and below 65 years only.
Your coverage starts from the date of successful made your payment online.
The coverage period is for 12 calendar months from the date you have successful made your payment online. Subsequently, after the expiry date, you can purchase Tune Protect Guard Easy on a yearly basis.
No, you can only purchase one policy for yourself, as the Insured Person, at any one time.
  • Duty of Disclosure

    You must disclose all material facts in your application form fully and faithfully, otherwise your policy may be voided. Material facts are your age, medical condition and any other information that may affect your risk profile. If you are not sure whether a fact is material, please seek our advice.

  • Payment Terms

    The insurance will not be effective unless the premium payable has been fully paid.

  • Claims

    The Company will pay the lnsured Person(s) in accordance to the limits stated in the Schedule of Benefit for loss of Cash and Personal Valuables in consequence of a snatch theft or robbery outside his/ her house. Theft or robbery must be reported to the police.

  • Limit of Liability per Plan

    • Basic Plan – RM1,000.00 Any one Incident or per policy year
    • Premier Plan – RM1,500.00 Any one Incident or per policy year

You may cancel the policy at any time by giving written notice to us. Upon cancellation, you may be entitled to a refund premium on pro-rated basis, subjected to you bearing RM15.00 administrative cost.

Refund Mechanism
If you purchase the product and cancel it after 30 days, the following refund is applicable

Scenario 1
When you request for cancellation at 30th day: Plan Premium: RM25.99 Administrative Cost: RM15.00

Premium Chargeable:

RM25.99 X
days = RM2.14

Refundable Premium = Premium Paid - Premium Chargeable - Administrative Cost RM25.99 - RM2.14 - RM15.00 = RM8.85 Therefore the refundable premium is RM8.85

Scenario 2
When you request for cancellation after 6 months: Plan Premium: RM25.99 Administrative Cost = RM15.00

Premium Chargeable:

RM25.99 X
days = RM12.82

Refundable Premium = Premium Paid - Premium Chargeable - Administrative Cost RM25.99 - Rm12.82 - RM15.00 = - RM1.83 Hence there is no refund in premium.

Please contact us for assistance.

Kindly share with us the following information

  • Certificate of Insurance
  • NRIC number, Name of Insured
  • Bank Account Nnumber
  • Name of Bank

for us to process your cancellation request.

It is important that you inform us any changes of your contact details to ensure that all the correspondence reach you on a timely manner. Please email us at [email protected]
No, you are not entitled to upgrade or downgrade the plan.
Once your claim has been paid, your policy will terminate immediately.
Yes, you can, with a condition that there must be a 1-year interval from date of claim and the date of re-purchase. For more information about Tune Protect Guard Easy Insurance Policy, you may refer the Product Disclosure Sheet.
Yes, a Tax Invoice will be issued together with your Certificate of Insurance.