While you work on making your house a home, let us work on protecting it. Enjoy bigger savings of more than 40%* with our fire insurance that’s flexible, giving you the freedom of personalising your home insurance.


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  • Building
    + Home Contents
HouseOwner (Building)

Covers your residential building1 including garages, fixtures and fittings, walls, gates as well as fences around the premise.

For an estimate of how much coverage you need, you may use the Building Cost Calculator by Persatuan Insurans Am Malaysia (PIAM).


  • all domestic offices, stables;
  • garages and outbuildings on the same Premises used solely in connection to it and on the same Premises;
  • fixtures and fittings;
  • walls, gates and fences around the Premises.

Product Coverage
  • More than 40% savings
  • Fire, Lightning, Storm,
  • Landslide
  • Explosion
  • Bursting Pipes
  • Flood
  • Robbery related damages
HouseHolder (Contents)

Protection for your household content1 and personal effects2 which belongs to you or members of your family.

Sum Insured Options:
RM25,000 | RM40,000 | RM50,000

1furniture, pianos, household appliances, television sets and more.

2personal items regularly worn or carried on the person for his/her personal use, for example, clothing, watch, wallet.

Product Coverage
  • Fire, Lightning, Storm,
  • Landslide
  • Explosion
  • Bursting Pipes
  • Flood
  • Robbery related damages

Get protected for your residential building, your household content, and personal effects.

HouseOwner (Building)

For an estimate of how much coverage you need, you may use the Building Cost Calculator by Persatuan Insurans Am Malaysia (PIAM).

HouseHolder (Contents)

Sum Insured Options:
RM25,000 | RM40,000 | RM50,000

Product Coverage
  • More than 40% savings
  • Fire, Lightning, Storm,
  • Landslide
  • Explosion
  • Bursting Pipes
  • Flood
  • Robbery related damages
View Coverage Comparison

Product & Coverage Comparison

Coverage HouseOwner
HouseOwner & HouseHolder
(Building & Contents)
Fire, lightning, thunderbolt, subterranean fire  
Aircraft and Other Aerial Devices and/or articles dropped therefrom  
Impact damage by road vehicle or animals  
Bursting or Overflowing of Domestic Water Tanks, Apparatus or Pipes  
Theft with actual forcible and violent breaking into or out of a building or any such attempt  
Hurricane, Cyclone, Typhoon, Windstorm  
Earthquake, Volcanic Eruption  
Robbery & Hold Up in the Premises of your property  
Contents Temporarily Removed from your private property
Breakage to Mirrors
Compensation for Death
Domestic helper’s belongings
Add-Ons (subject to additional Premium)
Riot, Strike and Malicious Damage  
Landslide and Subsidence cover  
Plate Glass damage

Top Up Packs (Optional)

Looking for more coverage? Choose any of our Top Up Packs to personalise your home coverage.

Benefit(s) Sum Insured
Loss of Rental Income due to Tenant Runaway RM1,000 per incident, limit twice a year
Malicious Damage by Tenant Up to RM2,000
Unoccupancy Period (Due to Theft)
  • 90 days in excess of Section 2 - Householder (Content) or
  • 90 days
Legal Fees for Letter of Demand Up to RM1,000
Annual Premium RM250
Benefit(s) Sum Insured
House Deemed Temporary Uninhabitable Reimbursement of monthly instalment up to RM15,000 or 6 months
Accidental Death or Permanent Total Disablement of Insured Person Reimbursement of monthly loan instalment up to RM15,000 or 6 months
Annual Premium RM25
Benefit(s) Sum Insured
Repair of burst pipe Up to RM1,000
Loss or Damage to fixtures and fittings caused by termite Up to RM500
Repair or temporary repair of replacement of Doors, Locks and Windows arising from Theft Up to RM500
Domestic Helper Allowance Up to RM200
Annual Premium RM50
Benefit(s) Sum Insured
Destruction of or damage to the Smart Home Device Up to RM10,000 (subject to RM2,000 per article limit)
Annual Premium RM65
Benefit(s) Sum Insured
Personal Liability Indemnity up to RM250,000
Annual Premium RM50

FREE Complimentary Benefit

Personal Liability

Get this extra benefit for FREE when you purchase both HouseOwner (Building) and HouseHolder (Contents) insurance

Personal Liability1 coverage – up to RM250,000

1Covers your legal liability to third parties including legal cost and expenses in respect of bodily injury and property damage.



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You may refer to the Starter Kit for a detailed guide on making a claim along with the documents needed.

Tune Protect Community

Your Purchase Will Help A Child In Need

Tune Protect will donate RM6 for each insurance policy sold* to Madhya’s Gift, a children’s health fund set up by Yayasan Chow Kit.

This fund was setup to help underprivileged children get access to health care and medical services, especially those in critical condition

Let’s join hands to help the little ones in need 😊

Find out more here.

*Applicable to Home, Medical and Motor insurance products only.




How to withdraw from the bank

Frequently Asked Questions

More questions? Read on!
Tune Protect Home Easy is an online HouseOwner & HouseHolder Insurance, providing coverage for your building & home content against loss or damage by fire, lightning, explosions, flood, burst pipe, or by any perils mentioned in the policy.
In addition to standard HouseOwner & HouseHolder Insurance, Home Easy provides reimbursement of an increase in water bill arising from an unexpected burst pipe(s). You can also purchase our additional add-on package available under Home Easy by paying an additional premium. The packages include Landlord Insurance Pack, Mortgage Loan Protection Pack, Home Care Pack & Smart Home Device Protection Pack.
We allow the flexibility to purchase either Section 1 – HouseOwner or Section 2 - HouseHolder or both sections. Personal Liability (coverage up to RM250,000) will be given as complimentary when you purchase both Section 1 & 2 with us.
Yes, you can pay an additional premium of RM50 to opt for Personal Liability (coverage up to RM250,000), if you only purchase Section 1: HouseOwner or Section 2: HouseHolder.
  1. Subsidence and landslip
  2. Riot, strike and malicious damage
  3. Accidental damage to Plate Glass
Currently, Home Easy application only accepts houses that are constructed of brick/concrete walls, reinforced concrete floor and roofed with tiles/concrete/asbestos, and are solely used for private residential purpose.
The sum insured for your property must be the actual cost of rebuilding including any renovation and inflation to avoid underinsurance. You may use the Building Cost Calculator (BCC) from PIAM https://piam.org.my/building-cost-calculator-bcc/ as your reference.

It is important to get your Sum Insured right to avoid underinsurance.
If you have any enquiries, please contact us at:

Tune Insurance Malaysia Berhad
Level 9, Wisma Tune,
No. 19, Lorong Dungun Damansara Heights,
50490 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 1800 88 5753
Fax: +603-2094 1366
Website: www.tuneprotect.com
Email: [email protected]
As a consumer, you have the right to arrange your own insurance. You may refer to the excerpt from BNM Prohibited Business Conduct below:

“As provided under the Product Transparency and Disclosure Guidelines, while the FSP may provide quotations for the insurance or takaful offered by the FSP’s panel, the financial consumer must be allowed to use the service of non-panel insurers or takaful operators if they choose to do so.”
A standard cover under HouseOwner (Section 1 – Building) of Tune Protect Home Easy policy meets the bank’s requirement. It provides all basic fire named perils like Fire & Lightning, Flood, Explosion, Impact Damage, Earthquake, Theft and more, except for Subsidence & Landslide and RSMD (Riot, Strike & Malicious Damage) where you can choose to purchase with an additional premium.
Your current loan value might not be the reconstruction cost of the same building. In the event of loss, claim settlement will be based on the reconstruction cost of the same building. Hence, you’ll need to ensure you have an adequate Sum Insured based on the reconstruction cost.
You are advised to purchase the Home Insurance from us before your existing policy’s expiry date. In most circumstances, you can purchase our Home Insurance policy 2 months in advance and send the insurance policy to the bank.
You need to send Tune Protect Home Easy policy to the bank and seek their acknowledgement. Subsequently, you can request for cancellation on the bank policy for a refund. You are required to follow up closely with the bank on the refund once you have sent them the email.
It is subject to the bank’s cancellation of policy condition and it may be different from case to case. The sample of self-arranged policy letter can be found here. You are required to follow up closely with the bank on the refund.
Insured items can be separated in the policy and the mortgagee clause is only applicable to the item where the bank has interest. In this case, the mortgagee clause shall only apply to the building and can be stated in the policy.
Yes, in this case, you and your wife’s name will need to be stated in the Home Insurance policy.
Home Easy offers a 15% rebate for customers who purchase online.
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