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Tune Protect Travel Gadget

exclusively with AirAsia

AirAsia Lifestyle Travel Protection is designed to safeguard any unexpected financial expenses caused by lifestyle activities during your travel. We will reimburse these unexpected events to give you some peace of mind. These include losing your cash and personal valuables, fraudulent charges, forced ATM withdrawal, loss or damage of personal or hired equipment and emergency medical needs.

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Add Gadget Protection to your trip from RM9* per trip


Note: This plan is underwritten by Tune Protect Malaysia (Tune Insurance Malaysia Berhad Company No.: 197601004719 (30686-K)).



Plan Rates

Definition of International Area - Flights departing from Malaysia arriving in:
Area 1 Area 2 Area 3
Indonesia, Cambodia, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Brunei, Myanmar China, Hong Kong, Macau, India, Maldives, Mauritius, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Laos Australia, Japan, Iran, Nepal, New Zealand, Oman, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, United States of America, Bangladesh
Plan Type


(with 6% SST)

Int Area 1 Int Area 2 Int Area 3
One Way 9.54 13.00 16.00 18.00
Return 1-10 Days 13.78 18.00 20.00 21.00
Return 11-30 Days 13.78 18.00 35.00 51.00
Return 31-40 Days 19.08 24.00 47.00 68.00
Return 41-50 Days 24.38 30.00 59.00 85.00
Return 51-60 Days 29.68 36.00 71.00 102.00
Return 61-70 Days 34.98 42.00 83.00 119.00
Return 71-80 Days 40.28 48.00 95.00 136.00
Return 81-90 Days 45.58 54.00 107.00 153.00
Policy Wording

Download and understand your plan details. This plan is underwritten by Tune Protect Malaysia (Tune Insurance Malaysia Berhad Company No.: 197601004719 (30686-K)).

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frequently asked questions

1. What is Tune Protect Travel Gadget?

Effective 8th January 2015, AirAsia Lifestyle Travel Protection products are made available via Manage My Booking. This add-on protection plan offers customized coverage for travellers based on their lifestyle or activity preferences. These products and its benefits apply to only flights departing from Malaysia.

Tune Protect Travel Gadget includes cover for loss or damage to your gadget and SIM card replacement caused by theft, accidental damage of accidental liquid damage.

2. How can I purchase AirAsia Lifestyle Travel Protection products?

You can purchase by logging onto Manage My Booking on, click "Insurance" under "Add-on" menu and select the product that suits you the most.

3. Who can I contact for further enquiries?

Kindly contact Tune Protect Travel Insurance by AirAsia at for further enquiries.