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A great smile is always in fashion.
Protect your teeth from any unexpected incidents that may damage them. We offer you Malaysia’s very first Premium Dental Health Insurance scheme in collaboration with MiCare – our managed care organisation. With this collaboration, we have created plans to suit your personal or corporate needs.​



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The benefit(s) payable under eligible certificate/policy/product is(are) protected by PIDM up to limits. Please refer to PIDM’s TIPS Brochure or contact Tune Protect or PIDM.

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frequently asked questions

1. What is Dental Easy?
Dental Easy provides a comprehensive and cashless dental treatment cover at our panel dental clinics within Malaysia for most common dental treatments you will require from your dentist.
2. What treatments am I covered for under my Dental Plan?

The Table below details the list of treatments covered under the Gold and Platinum Plan.

Description of the Treatments covered under the Gold and Platinum Dental Plans Gold Platinum
Category I – Restorations and Preventive Treatments    
Fillings or Restorations A procedure to replace or restore the decayed or broken part of a tooth
Pulp capping Pulp capping is a procedure to preserve the pulp of the tooth
Fissure Sealant A protective coat mainly applied to molars of young children to prevent decay
Extractions For teeth that are badly broken or that have extensive tooth decay
Scaling and Polishing An essential preventive treatment to remove the calculus and tartar deposits around teeth
Medication As prescribed by the dentist
X-rays As required by the dentist
Category II – Root Canal Therapy and Surgical Extractions    
Root Canal Therapy Treatment to save the tooth when the decay has extended to the pulp or the nerve of the tooth
Surgical removal of Teeth Surgery may be required to extract teeth that have partially surfaced from the gum
Category III – Treatment of Acute Periodontal Infection    
Acute Periodontal Infection Treatment for the gum and the soft bones in the mouth that hold the teeth in place and prevent tooth loss in adults
Category IV – Dental Prosthesis    
Dentures Removable plates or dentures can be used to replace lost teeth
Category V – Major Dental Work    
Crowns and Bridges A heavily broken tooth can be protected or saved by using a Crown. Several crowns fused together form a bridge  
Onlays Large cast metal fillings for posterior teeth or molars to restore the teeth  
Orthodontics Specialised treatment to straighten the teeth and give you a perfect smile  
Implants Treatment to replace missing teeth by using a titanium implant that is supported by growth of new bone around it to hold a new tooth in place  
Note: Waiting period apply as per terms and conditions of the policy
3. Who do I call if I have a question about my Dental Easy?
Call MiCare Customer Service Center on the direct Toll Free number at​ 1-800-88-2678 ​. MiCare is our Managed Care Organisation Partner whom we have appointed to administer the Tune Protect Dental Easy Scheme.​
4. Where can I go for Dental Treatment?
Simply choose from the list of panel clinic within your state.
5. What do I need to bring with me when I go to a Panel Clinic?
As long as you have the e-card in you MyMed App, please present it to the panel clinic. Here is the guide on how you can access the MyMed app.
6. Do I need to pay anything when I go to the Panel Clinic?
This will depend on the type of treatment sought and whether the treatment falls within the Terms and Conditions of the respective Dental Plan purchased. Please click on the link below to see the Terms, Conditions, Exclusions and Waiting Periods that applies to your plan. If your treatment is fully covered under your plan, you do not need to pay anything.

Terms, Conditions and Exclusions
Below is a summary of the key terms, conditions, and exclusions relating to the dental policy. For a full list of terms, conditions and exclusions please refer to your policy wording.
  1. Persons Eligible to take up the Dental Plan will mean anyone attaining age between 1 to 65 is eligible to take up the dental plan
  2. Child shall mean all unmarried and unemployed children, children between ages of 1 year and 19 years of age or up to the age of 23 if registered as a full-time student at an educational institution.*
  3. Please note that there are waiting periods for the following treatments
Benefit Waiting Period
Category II After 60 days of participation in the scheme under the Gold and Platinum plan
Category IV After 1 year of cover
Category V – Crowns & Bridges After 1 year of cover, limited to 1 unit per year
Category V – Onlays and Orthodontics After 5 years of participation in the scheme under the Platinum plan
Category V – Implants After 10 years of participation in the scheme under the Platinum plan
Others After 14 days of participation in the scheme under the Gold and Platinum plan

* A child between 19 to 23 years of age who is employed is to be considered an individual

The policy will not cover:
  1. Replacement of mislaid, lost or stolen denture or bridgework
  2. Any other dental service, treatment or diagnostic service not specifically listed in the Schedule of Benefits
  3. Replacement of existing prosthodontic appliances
  4. Any dental treatment arising during the waiting period as defined
  5. Dental treatments performed mainly for aesthetic purposes, including the transformation or extraction and replacement of healthy teeth in order to modify appearance

Note: This list is non-exhaustive. Please refer to the policy wording for full list of exclusions under the policy.
7. Can I go to a Clinic that is not listed in the Dental Panel Listing?
Yes, reimbursement for non-panel clinic is allowed subject to limit as per schedule of benefits, terms, conditions and exclusion of the policy.
8. I thought I was covered for this treatment but I was told at the clinic I was not covered for this treatment. What should I do?
Please call Micare at 1-800-88-2678 for assistance.
9. Why is Scale and Polishing limited to once a year?
Scaling and Polishing is a preventive measure to clean, polish and maintain healthy teeth. It is not a treatment and as such is limited to once a year on the Dental Easy policy.
10. Are there any treatments that require pre-approval?
Crowns, Bridges, Onlays, Orthodontics, and Implants require pre-approval before the dentist can proceed with treatment. For these treatments, you can only proceed with treatment once your dentist has received an approval letter from MiCare. Please contact MiCare at 1-800-88-2678 if you have queries about this. You can also refer to the Category V treatment Terms and Conditions here.
11. Can I cancel my policy and if so, how do I cancel my policy?
Yes, you will need to write in your intention to cancel via an email to [email protected]. Upon cancellation, you are entitled to a pro-rated refund premium, subject to a minimum premium of RM 5 which will be refunded by direct debit. If a claim has been made on the policy, there will be no refund of premium.