Affordable protection for the disabled covering accidental death, ambulance fees, medical expenses, rehabilitation allowance and more.

How to Claim


Download and fill up the claim form here.


Submit the claim form along with the supporting documents to [email protected].​


Your claim will be reviewed accordingly and if approved, payment will be made within 3 working days from the approval date.​





Frequently Asked Questions

More questions? Read on!
This is a personal accident insurance policy for disabled individual with Kad OKU. The policy provides compensation for bodily injuries, disability or death caused by accidental means which injury shall solely and independently of any other cause result in the disablement or medical and/or surgical treatment or in the event of death of the insured, to the insured’s nominated beneficiary or legal representative.
You may use your credit card or debit card to make the premium payment.
Yes, you can. For security reasons and to enable a smooth payment process, please make sure you obtain acknowledgement and approval from the other person to use his/ her credit card or debit card, before making the payment.
This policy covers:
No Benefits Sum Insured (RM)
Silver Plan Gold Plan
1 Accidental Death 25,000.00 50,000.00
2 Permanent Disablement
(Refer to Table of Benefits Payable in Percentage)
25,000.00 50,000.00
3 Medical Expenses Up to 1,000.00 Up to 2,000.00
4 Ambulance Fees (per accident) Up to 500.00
5 Bereavement Allowance 2,000.00
6 Rehabilitation Allowance 2,000.00
Please refer to the schedule of benefits and the full features in the policy contract.
Duration of cover is one (1) year. You will need to renew the insurance plan annually.
Plan Annual Premium (RM)
Silver Plan 15.00
Gold Plan 25.00
Note: Protection from age 16-70 years old.

Occupation class 1-3
Classification of occupations as follows:
Class 1 Professions and occupations involving non-manual administrative or clerical work solely in offices or similar non-hazardous places.
Class 2 Professions and occupations involving manual work only occasionally when supervising workmen.
Class 3 Professions and occupations involving manual work.
However, please take note that the total premium that you will have to pay may vary depending on the underwriting requirements of the plan.
The fees and charges that you will have to pay are:
Type Amount
Stamp Duty RM10.00
Service Tax 8%
  • Importance of Disclosure
    Pursuant to Section 129 and Paragraph 5 of Schedule 9 of Financial Services Act 2013, you have a duty of disclosure and shall disclose all matters in the Proposal Form which you know, ought to know or reasonably expected to know which are relevant to the decision of the Company to accept the risk or not and the rates and terms to be applied.

    Failure in making full disclosure and in answering the questions in the Proposal Form completely and truthfully may result in avoidance of your contract of insurance, refusal or reduction of your claim(s), change of terms or termination of your contract of insurance. Your duty of disclosure shall continue until the time the contract is entered, varied or renewed.

    In addition, you also have a duty to inform us immediately if at any time after your contract of insurance has been entered into, varied or renewed with us, any of the information given in the Proposal Form is inaccurate or has changed.
  • The coverage is solely for accidental loss as printed in the policy
  • The individual of person with disability must be able to perform 3 or more of the below Activities of Daily Living (ADL):
    1. Transfer: getting in and out of a chair without requiring physical assistance
    2. Mobility: ability to move from room without requiring physical assistance
    3. Continence: ability to voluntarily control bowel and bladder functions so as to maintain personal hygiene
    4. Dressing: putting on and taking off all necessary items of clothing without requiring assistance
    5. Bathing / Washing: the ability to wash in the bath and shower (including getting in or out of the bath or shower) or wash by any other means
    6. Eating: all tasks of consuming food once it has been prepared.
  • Cash Before Cover (applicable to Individual Policy)
    The premium due must be paid and received by us before cover commences. This insurance shall be null and void if this condition is not compiled with.
  • Submission of Claims
    If an accident occurs, you shall notify us within 30 days and submit your claim with the required documents within 14 days after notification.
This policy does not cover:

  1. War and allied risks;
  2. Suicide (whether sane or insane) or any attempt thereat;
  3. On any pre-existing physical or mental defect or infirmity or illness, even if contracted by Accident;
  4. Illness, diseases, infections;
  5. Childbirth, miscarriage, pregnancy or any other complications thereof;
  6. Flying as a pilot or crew member in any aircraft;
  7. Criminal acts;
  8. Professional sports activities of any kind;
  9. Hazardous sports activities;
  10. Radioactive and nuclear weapon material accidents;
  11. Terrorism.
Note: This list is non-exhaustive. Please refer to the policy contract for the full list of exclusions under this policy.
You may cancel your policy by giving written notice to us. Upon cancellation, you are entitled to a refund of the premium based on the unexpired period of the insurance.
It is important that you inform us of any changes to your profile, including your occupation and personal pursuits which would affect your risk profile.
You can download and update the information here. Upon completion, please email to [email protected].
If you have any enquiries, please contact us at:
Tune Insurance Malaysia Berhad
Level 9, Wisma Capital A No. 19 Lorong Dungun
Damansara Heights 50490 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 1 800 88 5753
Fax: 03-2094 1366
Email: [email protected]