Our Business


Tune Protect is committed to making insurance easy to understand, easy to buy, easy to claim, easy to access and easy on the pocket. The support of our customers is essential to our goal of becoming a lifestyle insurer that everyone loves.

  • In 2022, we rolled out a significant initiative known as our 3-3-3 commitment. This initiative was organised to improve our retail customer experience, with a three-pronged approach:

    * Applicable to enquiries received on working days via all channels
    ** Applicable for online products only upon approval, excluding flood claims which are upon acceptance of offers

  • We have in place customer service procedures and charters that meet our ambition to provide our valued customers the convenience of a one-stop service centre, while delivering top-notch customer experience, which is achieved through our:
    • Customer service centre
    • Customer satisfaction survey (Customer NPS survey)
    • Digital platforms
    • Social media platforms
    • Email
    • Online surveys
Year Customer Experience (CNPS)
2022 +39%
2021 (December) +14%
2021 (April – baseline) -16%

We aspire to future-proof our business through various significant initiatives to enhance our operations and performance.

  • In 2021, we became the first insurer in Malaysia to obtain the official approval from BNM to host our insurance core system on the cloud and in the year under review began hosting a portion of our core system on the cloud.
  • We take a mobile-first approach and prioritise the platform in our product development, ensuring our products are accessible on mobiles where possible. With this rationale, we launched the Tune Protect Mobile Application in September 2020 to offer an alternative distribution channel.
  • We also launched our Customer Portal under our mobile application for Malaysia.

We have also invested in the digitisation of our business processes by integrating Robotic Process Automation (RPA) technologies into 41 progressive internal processes. This allowed manual processing time to be reduced and human error to be minimised, while simultaneously increasing efficiency and productivity of our employees.

To efficiently manage our procurement processes and ease business transactions with our diverse suppliers, we established a dedicated Procurement team in 2021. The Procurement team is responsible for centralising, streamlining and managing the purchasing and procurement processes whilst also ensuring improvements and savings.

In working with registered third parties, our vendors and suppliers must adhere to our Code of Business Conduct (CoBC). The CoBC outlines the standards of business conduct covering areas such as integrity, anti-bribery and corruption, disclosure of conflict of interest and confidentiality as well as health, safety and environment. All third parties are required to acknowledge our CoBC and confirm their compliance before we officially engage their products and services. There were zero records of CoBC breaches reported in the year under review.

We also have in place the Board-level Investment Committee who has oversight of our investments and assists our Board in discharging its obligations and responsibilities in investments management.

We are receptive and attentive to market demands and shifting consumer trends, as these findings allow us to create products that fulfil the needs of consumers. Our Product Development Policy ensures that our new product offerings are incorporated with sustainability elements.

  • Critical Safe+
    Our newly launched affordable online critical illness insurance policy helps our customers to cope financially when diagnosed with critical illnesses such as cancer, heart attack or kidney failure.
  • Bao Wan Diabetes Protection Plan
    In Thailand, we launched our diabetes protection plan which covers diabetes related complications, including diabetic comas, loss of vision, severe illnesses due to diabetes (coronary heart disease, limb amputation, organs transplant, diabetic nephropathy), and Personal Accidents.
  • Bike Easy
    Our newly launched Bike Easy policy is an affordable motorcycle insurance providing coverage for loss or damage to motorcycles due to accident, theft or fire.
  • Motor Express Claim Module
    Under our Tune Express Claim Module, customers with the Motor Comprehensive Private Own Car Damage policy will receive their claims within two hours for amounts below RM3,000. In the event of a self-accident without any third party involved, no police or adjuster’s reports are required.
  • PUMP
    PUMP is a free membership platform to monitor health and physical activities.
  • Travel Insurance
    As travel borders reopened together with the relaxation of policies in Southeast Asia, travel insurance with medical coverage is no longer mandatory. However, the demand for COVID-19 coverage remains consistent and in 2022, we launched a Dual Plan for AirAsia Comprehensive products for all markets.
    Our SME EZY is the first of its kind medical and life employee benefit insurance curated for SMEs and their employees.
  • Outreach: CEO Club
    In engaging CEOs especially for SMEs, we organised two SME Industry Round Table and Networking Sessions inviting over 60 industry leaders, founders and CEOs.
  • Outreach: AirAsia Academy (formerly known as Redbeat Academy)
    We work with the AirAsia Academy to enrol employees of our SME clients into a two-day specialised BINA Digital programme. The BINA Digital programme is structured to guide SMEs or new business ventures in creating progressive business plans, upskilling and equipping them with digital knowledge and know-hows to aid growth.

We believe in developing products and services that are accessible and affordable to individuals, businesses and the underserved communities of the lower-income bracket. In 2022, our products helped in several initiatives.

  • PA Coverage for the Orang Asli Community
    In supporting the government’s initiative of Perlindungan Tenang Voucher (PTV) under the Perlindungan Tenang programme, we collaborated with the Department of Orang Asli Development (JAKOA), and provided PA cover for approximately 30,000 Orang Asli individuals across Malaysia.
  • Donation to Madhya’s Gift Fund
    In line with the Group’s key strategic pillar of Health, we worked with Yayasan Chow Kit (YCK) and made donations to Madhya’s Gift, their children’s health fund which provides health care to children from underprivileged families. The funds are channelled to those who require urgent medical attention and treatment.
  • Flood Disaster Pay Out
    We aided our customers who were affected by the floods in Terengganu through our expedited claim settlements commitment, in line with our 3-3-3 commitment. The quick turnaround time in claim settlements allows us to help ease the burden of flood victims and provide peace of mind during challenging times. We have also set up the Tune Protect Malaysia 24/7 dedicated claims hotline and email to enable customers to conveniently reach us.