Key Benefits



e-Medical Card with Cashless Admission
Cashless admission to our list of panel hospitals or pay-first-claim-later (reimbursement basis).
Outpatient Clinical Visit
Cashless visit to panel clinics including General Practitioner (GP) and Specialist Care (SP).
Mix & match
Customise group term life, group medical and group outpatient clinical for your employees based on your budget.
3 Years Guarantee
Worried about increasing insurance premium upon renewal? Sign up for our group medical plan with fixed yearly payable premium for 3 years (premium guarantee).
Wellness Reward Program
A reward program based on your employees’ health assessment. Healthy employees will be rewarded up to 100% additional annual limit.
Death / Total & Partial Permanent Disability
Basic sum assured payable upon the untimely Death / Disability of the insured employee.
Special wellness programme for your employees
Activ8 is a health-based rewards programme designed to motivate employees to stay healthy and be the best version of themselves to achieve more in life.

How to make a claim?
EZY as 1,2,3!
For cashless admission to panel hospital, please show your e-medical card* or NRIC to the admission counter. Remember to mention the Managed Care Organisation (MCO) name – IHP.
A Guarantee Letter (GL) will be issued within an hour upon completion of information.
If the guarantee letter is rejected, you can opt for reimbursement basis (pay-first-claim-later)* for our consideration.
*Please download the IHP app to view your e-medical card and to submit hospital claim, pre-hospitalisation claim and post hospitalisation claim.
Show your e-medical card* to the panel clinic.
Alternatively, you may pay for your clinic bill first and claim** via IHP app.
Specialist Care is payable upon referral from a general practitioner (GP).
*Only applicable for Cashless plan
**Only applicable for Reimbursement plan
Claim details to be completed and submit with full documentations through our website.
Claims payout within 3 working days from claims approval.
Good to know…
Life insurance can be confusing at times. Do check out our frequently asked questions below.

Tune Protect Ventures Sdn Bhd (Tune Protect Life) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Tune Protect Group Berhad that aims to provide affordable pure life & health protection for the unserved and underserved market, particularly the B40, M40 and SME segments. Tune Protect Ventures Sdn Bhd is an approved participant in the Bank Negara Malaysia Financial Technology Regulatory Sandbox to conduct life insurance business. Visit our Tune Protect Life page for more info.

Companies that are legal entities registered in Malaysia with a minimum number of 5 up to a maximum of 250 full time permanent employees. Part time and contract employees are not eligible.

Participation of your employees is on a compulsory basis for SME EZY Group Hospitalisation & Surgical (GHS - Activ8) and coverage can be extended to their dependents. If you choose to extend coverage to dependents, participation will be on a compulsory basis.

Activ8 is only eligible for participation by the employee and not their dependants.

The annual premium that you have to pay and the policy terms may vary depending on the choice of plan selected, group size and profile of your employees for each policy year.

SME Ezy Group Hospitalisation & Surgical (GHS - Activ8), premium rates are guaranteed and fixed for three (3) years after which we reserve the right to revise the rate by giving you thirty (30) days’ notice in writing before completion of the third policy year.