Our People & Community


As a testament to our commitment to diversity and inclusion, we continue to participate in the Bloomberg Gender Equality Index (GEI) in 2022. We believe that a diverse workforce brings significant advantages including better opportunities for creativity and problem-solving skills, smarter decision-making and increased productivity.

We remain guided by our Group Recruitment and Selection Policy which facilitates our recruitment process, ensuring that we only handpick the best candidates in a fair and transparent manner. In addition, we ensure that our operations are in compliance to global human rights frameworks and conventions in line with the Ten Principles of the UN Global Compact.
The Group is also committed to gender equality, in enabling the equal representation of women in our senior management teams. This is in line with our support and as a corporate member of the 30% Club Malaysia. In 2022, 50% of our Board comprise women directors.
  • Initiatives to empower women in the workforce and to inspire them to move forward despite the biases against women in the workplace, at school and at home. To celebrate the women in our midst, Tune Protect launched a series of ‘Unconscious Bias Workshops’ participated by more than 100 people managers.
  • We also set up group coaching for women leaders in collaboration with Tulips Movement Malaysia, a local Not-for-Profit Organisation (NPO) focusing on women and youth empowerment.
We continue to adopt fair recruitment practices and provide job opportunities for all, including those with who are differently-abled. All employees are entitled to parental leave, regardless of probationary or confirmed status. We provide fair and living wage remuneration in line with the Minimum Wages order, and offer attractive benefits to promote equal opportunities, as shown below:
Through our e-learning platforms, we ensure that all employees have access to learning materials even when WFH or on-the-go. We offer our employees a broad range of learning activities that are necessary for their jobs, which include coaching or mentoring and structured training programmes.

  • Graduate Apprenticeship Programme (GAP)
    The programme provides graduates with foundational knowledge and skills via experiential learning and a 360-development programme to cultivate the right attitude and philosophy.
  • Succession Planning & Leadership Programmes
    We make every effort to have a steady pipeline of leaders to ensure our Group’s long-term success. Through succession planning, we are able to identify and nurture suitable people within the Group to fill critical roles whenever required.
  • Employee Engagement
    We believe that nurturing a positive culture will foster a sense of belonging and motivate our workforce. Additionally, a strong workplace culture can help us to attract the best talents in the industry and strengthen our reputation, enabling us to meet our goals and objectives.
    • We established SPARK, the Sports and Recreation Club, where all employees were placed into houses based on our Core Values.
    • We conducted internal engagement activities such as THINK Thursdays to increase the knowledge of our employees in their individual roles, through providing a wealth of information.
    • We utilise social media such as TikTok and Workplace to engage employees as well.

Since the pandemic, we took strict measures to curb the spread of COVID-19 according to the fundamental health and safety guidelines under:

  • The Occupational Safety and Health Act 1994 (“OSHA”)
  • The Fire Services Act 1988

Our Group Occupational Safety and Health Committee (“GOSHComm”) and Group Occupational Safety and Health Team (“GOSH Team”) were tasked with providing safety protection to our Group including branches and extending to those under our collective bargain agreements as well as our visitors. The GOSHComm and GOSH Team consists of representatives from each entity and branch including our associate and joint venture companies.

The GOSHComm is accountable for leading and championing initiatives for:
  • Fire safety & prevention
  • Personal safety, accident prevention, training, talks and events
  • COVID-19 communication, prevention and case management
  • Training, talks and events
  • General security practices

Meanwhile, the GOSH Team, which also functions as Fire Marshals and Emergency Response Team members in their respective locations, were involved in purposeful activities that helped our employees:

  1. Fire Safety & Prevention
  2. Personal Safety & Accident Prevention
  3. Natural Disasters Management
  4. Supporting Health and Well-Being

Our CSR framework comprises three pillars including financial literacy, entrepreneurship and protection (FEP), that is aligned with various UN SDGs which promote inclusivity, equality, addressing Climate Change and more.

In addition to FEP, Tune Protect also stretches a helping hand to help sustain other dependent and underserved communities that come within our established local communities’ engagement framework. In doing so, we collaborate with several organisations to leverage their expertise for the delivery of the most impactful programs and activities.

  • Flood Relief Efforts
    • Responding to the wave of floods in December 2022, we partnered with AirAsia grocer and supplied Flood Relief Packs which contained food and necessities to victims.
  • Serving Underprivileged Children
    • We worked closely with Yayasan Chow Kit (YCK), an NGO dedicated to supporting underprivileged children to organise three CSR activities during the year.
  • Taking Care of the Environment
    • Tree planting with the Free Tree Society.
    • We conducted the Tune Protect Beach Clean Up at the Lexis Hibiscus Beach Resort Port Dickson. Our goal for this activity was to raise awareness on coastal pollution and contribute to the reduction of garbage and plastic in the ocean.
We are committed to safeguarding our customers’ data to protect them against security breaches.
  • Applying behaviour analysis across our systems, monitoring and analysing traffic flows to identify threats and block exploits.
  • Enhancing our authentication systems to introduce multifactor layers to protect the cloud infrastructure.
  • Initiated enhancements to consolidate our management endpoints and additional security through the multilayer authentication of on-premise infrastructures.
The security of our customers’ data is our top priority as we strive to prevent cybercrimes or data exploitation. The following are the continuous measures we have implemented to strengthen our cybersecurity.
  • Regular email reminders to increase awareness on cyber risks
  • Conducting bi-annual phishing activities
  • Organising yearly cyber drills according to the Cyber Incident Response Plan
  • Daily monitoring of security threat via Security Operations Centre monitoring
  • Upgrading data security systems to combat potential phishing and malware attacks
  • Implementing prevention plans to stop any leaks of confidential information
  • Conducting ongoing reviews and assessments of IT operations to ensure the latest versions of software are utilised Group-wide and adheres to regulatory requirements
  • Carrying out regular data backups and storage to provide accuracy and accessibility of data